Thursday, June 21, 2012

How To Get Over A Guy Who Doesn't Care About YOU


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Had a crush on someone? Liked someone whom you think likes you back when in fact he doesn't care less? Or it could also be he doesn't know your existence at all? Whatever it is, many people suffer from such situations, leaving them sad, hurt and depressed. The truth is, the world isn't going to end just because he doesn't feel the same way like you do; in fact, it's time to discover your own inner strength and resilience.


  1. Be strong and think: So what if he doesn't like me? He is not the only guy in the world. Remember this, he is not one in a million, but rather just one out of a million. Yes, he very much that insignificant if you were to look at this matter in that perspective.

  2. Ask yourself a few questions that can strengthen your resolve to forget him:
    • Why should I waste my time on someone who doesn't care and isn't willing to spend his time on me?
    • Why should I waste my emotions on someone who doesn't reciprocate?
    • Why should I waste my tears crying over someone who will never know, never care and wouldn't care?
    • Why should I subject my heart to such pain over someone who doesn't give two hoots about me?
    • Why should I put myself through such arduous torture of missing him, thinking about him, caring about him, loving him and gain nothing of that sort in return?
    • Why should I get depressed over a man who can ruin my chances of meeting potential better men?
  3. If you have resolved to forget about him and move on, stick with it. Do not hesitate and try to think of different excuses for you not to move on.
  4. If you are in the situation where you think he might have liked you, and then you realized he really wasn't interested, it's OK. Just move on and please do not harp on any past 'experiences' that has made you think that he likes you. Do not give yourself the opportunity to think that you might still have a chance. If there is really something between the two of you, don't you think something might have already happened? Why wait till the time when you finally realized that it isn't mutual?
  5. Do something that can take your mind off him, or this one sided relationship. Even if it's just that little while. Do not lie in bed, cuddling underneath your blankets and listen to depressing songs. Nope, that isn't going to help but make you feel worse because all you're going to think about is him, him and still him! Go for a jog, walk your dogs, clean your room, cook something, bake, anything!
  6. Think of his negative side. Think of that side of him that isn't favourable. Yes, you might say that you love him so much that you love his negative sides altogether. Girl, that isn't going to help. What you are trying to do now is to forget about him and to diminish all those romantic feelings you have for him. (Soon to be- had, remember?)
  7. Ask yourself: Why do I want to go out with a guy who has made me cry more than smile? Find a guy who will make you smile, dry your tears and is always willing to spend his time and shower you with love, concern and affections, and not this guy who has indirectly made you give him all that but he doesn't appreciates nor he accepts. He is so not worth it.

    • if it helps to write down what you liked about him and every memory you had on a piece of paper and then burn it. go ahead even if it makes you sad while writing it after you will feel better and try not to think of it after.
    • Cry if you need to, scream into a pillow, write an angry letter then burn it. let it out
    • go out with friends and have a good time
    • Share your feeling with your friends or anyone you trust.
    • Don't let depression stop you.
    • You know you deserve better.
    #From me to you -----> If we were meant to be, no matter how far you and I go,  
    in the end...we will be together..InsyAllah...

    *p/s: Hopefully you having fun reading this...*


    1. nice entry .. saya suka la.. minta kbnran untuk copy ye :)

    2. Lain susahnya nak lupakan crush dengan ex. ;)

      1. Susah ke? Kalau camtu pi masuk bilik air amik wudu',buat solat sunat and bace Al-Quran...sure tak ingat punya... :P

    3. Hi there, I read your new stuff daily. Your humoristic style is witty, keep up the good work!