Sunday, March 18, 2012

Running Man coming to Malaysia


Running Man is coming to Malaysia? 
Whoaaaa….somebody please slap me on the face!!!
But so it’s true…
Waahhhh… I can’t wait to see it…
Imagineeee….all the Running Man’s members come…
Running here and there…in Malaysia..
The fans must be screaming out loud just like when Super Junior came here too..
Can you feel it? Can you?
You know what, I’ve already experience the feeling.
The feeling……aaahhhh…so excited!!
They all were right in front of my eyes.
I was very happy and surprised too.
My mouth just opened and could not close it because they were really close to me..
As then, one of them was talking to me… and I really know what they were saying…
And why is that?? They are talking to me…??????
ME ONLY??!!!
WAKAKAKAKAKAKA!!!  Mianhaeyo . 
I’ve watched Running Man before I go to bed.
That’s why I dreamed them..
well, this is just for fun..
Please don’t take it to the heart.
Why don’t we (Running Man ‘s fans in Malaysia) make a request to them,
Ask them to come to Malaysia..???
Wow….what a brilliant idea I have… *smug*

Jae Suk oppa!!
Jong Kook oppa!!
 Haha oppa!!
Gary oppa!!
 Ji Hyo unnie!!
Gwang Soo oppa!!
and Suk Jin oppa!!!…
Please come to Malaysia..!!!

Thank you for reading this crazy story of mine…
But I hope that one day Running Man can be held in Malaysia too…
Running Man Saranghaeyo!!!