Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Cute Lil' Hamters

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...
Entry kali ni tentang hamster belaan sy..
Jenis hamster saya ialah jenis ROBOROVSKI.
Ini info ttg hamster sy..
Roborovski (Robos) are the smallest of the dwarf hamsters and originated in Mongolia.  They can live in colonies, but excessive overcrowding may result in cannibalism of young if they feel there will not be enough food or space.  This also applies to other dwarf hamsters if overbred.

Be careful if keeping a few together as you can become over-run by them if you're not careful.

    They are great fun to watch as they are very active and entertaining.  Due to their size and speed they are not ideal for small children who want to handle their pet.  They are generally very healthy hamsters.

They are best kept in tanks with lots of toys, such as tubes and other objects that they can climb in, over or through.  They set up great assault courses and in order to get from A to B they will tend to go all round the cage rather than going direct!

Ok! Ok! Ok!
Sape nak tgk hamster sila angkat kaki tangan mcm sy... 
Nampak x? xnampak?? hihihi..suke ati korang nak angkat cmne pun...
Ok! Ready! Get set! GOO!!

Ada 3 ekor sumernyer...Name diorg Chizu, Chika,Chisdale...
                                                 Chizu : - suke buat badan jd bulat bile tdo
                                                               - suke gigit jari org
                                                               - suke lari laju2 lam roda diorang smpai tercampak keluar..
                                                 Chika : - suke ikut kelaku Chizu..
                                                 Chsdale: - Kecik, Slow n paling selalu kena buli dgn Chizu n Chika.

That's all from me today...
Hoping that they will have kids soon...
OK...see u guys in the next entry...GOODBYE U ALLS..!!